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Trademark Filing

We provide affordable trademark services for business names, logos, slogans, and product lines. Our filing process includes a thorough search of the trademark database and online resources to identify potential conflicting trademarks, collection of trademark specimens, and consultation on how to develop a strong mark that meets your business needs.

Failure to perform a proper trademark search for potential conflicts can cause lasting harm to a new business. The trademark office typically takes at least a few months to respond to an application. If the application is eventually rejected, the applicant may spend valuable time and investment marketing and promoting an unprotectable brand. If the rejection arises from a conflicting mark the mark holder may demand that the name be changed or sue for trademark infringement. As such, it is important to work with a trademark specialist who can identify conflicts before they arise and protect your investment.

Our Plans

Our 15 minute quick consultation includes a discussion of trademark law and whether it is a strategic fit for your goals, a summary of the filing process, and an estimate of expected USPTO and attorney filing fees.

Our 90 minute strategy consultation includes a detailed strategy session tailored to specific issues you will encounter with your trademark filing, advice on how to file your mark and make a distinctive brand for your company, an estimate of USPTO and attorney filing fees to prepare your application, and a whitepaper on trademark law and the filing process.

We can proceed directly to filing your trademark including all features of the $500 strategy consultation plus a detailed trademark search and analysis, specimen gathering, preparation, and filing for your trademark application. The cost will be $1800 with USPTO fees included for up to 3 trademark classes.