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ITC Section 337 Investigations

We can provide advice on pursuing claims against potential infringers through ITC section 337. The International Trade Commission is a government agency which investigates imports which infringe intellectual property rights. The ITC issues injunctions that prevent international companies from importing infringing goods into the U.S.

The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) is a powerful tool to enforce your intellectual property rights against international companies without resorting to litigation in the Federal Courts. Successful parties can win an injunction against the continued import of the device by the infringing company or even a full prohibition against imports by any international company regardless of whether they were a party to the original ITC case.

Discovery in ITC investigations typically concludes less than six months after the complaint is filed and the case is typically at trial in less than 10 months, which is faster than almost any other forum in the world. Our team is familiar with the unique challenges faced by parties at the ITC and are prepared to assist.