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Patent Drafting

We provide patent services including provisional and nonprovisional patent drafting.  Our team of patent specialists has experience in a wide range of industries and technical disciplines. The IP team includes patent attorneys with technical degrees in electrical and mechanical engineering, computer science, and molecular biology. Prior to joining the firm, many of our lawyers built highly successful careers at research institutions, technology start-ups, and major public and private companies.

We begin our process comprehensive patent search to identify patents and non-patent literature that might cause a conflict with your invention. We draft our patents to maximize coverage based on your business goals. We can also provide international filing and coverage via PCT application filings through our global connections. We recognize the value of a well drafted patent portfolio as a sword and a shield in patent litigation and design our patents with litigation in mind and with the expectation that they will be enforced.

Our Plans

Our 15 minute quick consultation includes a discussion of patent law and whether it is a strategic fit for your goals, a summary of the filing process, and an estimate of expected USPTO and attorney filing fees.

Our 90 minute strategy consultation includes a detailed strategy session tailored to specific issues you will encounter with your patent filing based on a discussion of your invention and business goals, advice on how to patent search and draft your patent, an estimate of USPTO and attorney filing fees to prepare your application, and a whitepaper on patent law and the filing process.

We can proceed directly to filing your patent including all features of the $500 strategy consultation plus a detailed patent search and analysis. Our Patent search typically costs a $2000 down payment for an invention requiring search of a single patent class plus $500 for each additional class searched.

Depending on the complexity of your patent the final filing price may vary but will will provide you with a quote to proceed with application drafting based on out consultation for drafting your application, preparation of patent drawings, and filing for your application with its supporting documents. Payment plans are available by request including staged payment or partial transfer of rights in the issued patent.